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The monthly rate will include all equipment, installation, programming and continuous service throughout the term of the contract. The rate will not include any internal wiring of buildings or connection of buildings. We do offer the wiring installation service; however, most Facilities have performed this task using in-house labor. For more information on wiring installation, please call our office at 800-477-5219.

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Programming Menu

TBN Second Chance

Satellite AMC11

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Satellite AMC10

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Arts & Entertainment Animal Planet
Comedy CNBC
Galavision Discovery
Great American Country E! Entertainment
Hallmark Home and Garden
History MSNBC
Lifetime MTV
Travel Channel Nickelodeon
Spike TV Oprah Winfrey Network
TV Land The Learning Channel
Weather Channel VH1

Satellite G14

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ABC Family
Headline News
Tru TV
Turner Classic Moves

Satellite G12

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Satellite G17

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American Movie Classics Fox Sorts
Inspirational Network FX
Syfy National Geographic
USA NBC Sports
Speed Channel

If you would like a channel that is not listed, please indicate in the Additional Comment Box above